Informal Rant: Higher Expectations for Social Discourse

Update (Aug. 14, 2017): Jordan Peterson released a video, and its a strange coincidence. Here’s an illustration on the sort of thing Journalists are doing by placing political labels on people without backing it up. The danger is that the news-skimming populace will take what they read for granted. 

I’m incredibly angry that the public discussion on racism and other social issues in North America has been led by unqualified, uneducated and ignorant people who have little capacity to make fine distinctions. The typical sophomore is now a widely read political columnist, and journalism has departed from source-citation and making coherent and compelling information available to the public. Nearly every article written regarding August’s protests in Charlottesville has made accusations that, while true, are not backed up within the articles or by those making them (even links to relevant information are widely missing, though widely available). How is one video on twitter a more reliable source of firsthand information that a report compiled by a journalist?

Protesters at Charlottesville were white supremacists and were channeling Nazi rhetoric, but how do I know this? Not from articles titled “White Supremacists March on Charlottesville,” because no attempts are made to link the protests with these ideologies.
Why have the lazy and uninspired masses been allowed to steer a nation? Why have uneducated and even cowardly conservatives been allowed to hold sway in electing Trump? Why have ignorant “liberals” been allowed to accuse anyone they want of bigotry?Why has “liberal” and “conservative” come to refer to ideological sides admitting no variance within their members?
Why have educators spent years of their lives studying educational theories but not themselves seeking to learn? The number of “progessive educators” who have, in any serious fashion, read the writings coming out of the Civil Rights movement is astonishing. Yet so many feel qualified to teach social studies and American history. I remember the attempts at right-wing indoctrination in high school, and now I see other forms occurring. Why have we settled for non-academic teachers?
I don’t know! I don’t know how to answer my questions! I really am not sure what economic theory is correct; I cannot express a justified view on the metaphysical nature of race; I am not at the proper level of understanding to declare how psycholgists should treat transgender people. Are you? I seek to be! But it takes hard work! Still, there’s no excuse: nearly every American has access to grand resources through the internet!
Many things are cut and dry, but moving into the more complex issues must be done with care.
I don’t know, and I’m tired. I want to figure it out. Everyday until school overwhelms me I will be reading literature from the Civil Rights movement, paired with reading Ethical Theory. Will anyone do this or something similar with me?

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