Protests, Riots and Shifting the Blame

I have recorded a video going further into this. Link below.

Original Post:
Violence begets violence. Even justified and obligatory violence is an evil. Evil begets evil. You are seeing this. But are all evils the same? Do all perpetrators share the same guilt? No. And sometimes it is evil to punish or even focus on an evil, or to return an evils pain with another evils pain.

Sometimes it is good to come to the defense of people who have committed an evil, justified or not, especially if their evil is a response to a greater evil. And when an evil is an outgrowth or consequence of a group trying to do good, that is reason to be cautious about returning their evil with more evil, including the evil of condemnation and hatred.

All this to say: the protests are largely peaceful, and where they are not peaceful, they clearly do not deserve your rigid, unreflective hatred or condemnation. Many have returned systemic and greater violence with more violence. But the violence returned has been primarily destructive of material possessions, not lives, while the centuries of violence sparking the riots has been destructive of more lives, cultures and beautiful things than can be counted or known.

Some of the violence is justified and some not. I do not know all the details and neither do you.

So as you see cities burn, don’t pretend you know the details either. Don’t pretend like you can sort it all out and take neat, tidy sides against your brothers and sisters.

But, you can do something: you can recognize that the evils of our government and society have caused this evil.

Blame the government, because they are an organized, more unified entity with an identifiable track record. Then, only after you grapple with how evil our government is and how horrifying of a role they play in what’s happening, should you turn to figure out what to feel or do about the riots.

And when you think of the riots, remember that the rioters are not a unified group, have no unified vision, and so cannot be attributed guilt neatly (unlike the government). Know also that these rioters would not be rioters without government doing evil.

So when you focus your hatred on them, when you hurt them, shoot them, spin narratives about them, it will almost surely be inaccurate and ineffective. It will lump in the innocent with the guilty, and it will only take focus off the more easily identifiable, more destructive guilt of government and power. It will overlook the FACT that even the unjustified evils of the rioters pale in comparison to the evils they are a reaction to. It will make you into a servant of government, of injustice, of abusive power, whether you intend it or not.

Have rioters killed millions? Have they systematically burned Tulsa? Have they put their knee on an innocent man’s neck until he died? Have they been infiltrated by the KKK? Have they allowed and encouraged environmental destruction that will kill millions? Have they allowed a pandemic to go unchecked? Have they rounded up whites and put them on slave ships? Have they started a Confederacy? Do they have the power to destroy humanity with nuclear bombs?

Go after those guilty for all these: the government, and the people with power and influence and money who do nothing and even encourage violence and evil on a far greater scale.

Depose these ‘leaders’ and the riots will stop.

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