What is Expected of You? (The Bare Minimum Response to 2020’s Civil Unrest)

Someone asked me how they can have “a mindset of change.” They wanted to know what I was expecting of them; how they could be less apathetic, given that they feel so hopeless about being able to get results or change anything. Here was my response:

We shouldn’t only focus on getting results, or the consequences of what we do, but should also pay attention to our inner responses to things. Our emotional and cognitive responses to things are important in and of themselves. Events, objects, and experiences demand appropriate responses, even if they don’t get any results or lead to concrete, external action (internal action is still action, and internal action can be a substantial change). Seeing a murder, regardless of what happens, demands of you a certain emotion, belief, etc. Even seemingly morally neutral experiences (like staring at a blank wall) demand an appropriate response (I would think, in most cases, you should respond to the wall by recognizing, on some non-conscious level, that this wall is not as important as a human life; even if seemingly neutral experiences, they neutrality and inaction and apathy are responses). And it’s a change and good thing in itself just to have your emotions and beliefs calibrated to reflect reality.

But this inner calibration also leads you to, when the opportunity arises, act in accordance with reality, and to encourage others. This calibration requires exposing yourself to as much as reality as possible, by reading, watching stuff, etc.

So, here’s what you could do:
(1) Calibrate your own emotions and beliefs
(2) Read and observe as much as possible about important things that demand your attention (do something besides have fun or work, even if its exhausting).
(3) Once you’ve done 1^2, try to persuade others to do the same, and show them all the information you have (share the document. show your parents, etc) (especially important because the news is spinning a narrative which is very harmful; I’m not sure why, but almost all news I’m seeing totally contradicts what I’ve seen and heard on the ground directly from people there; lots of cop-worship and distraction from what’s actually going on; so if your parents watch the news, show them other sources).
(4) When the time comes, vote for who you think would be best for change (not really very many good choices at the federal level, but lesser of two evils, and at the local level, there are tons of things to get involved in to help; like local activist groups, or even just voting for local officials who are on your side. This doesn’t mean vote democrat, because democrat mayors etc are being some of the most evil and brutal; the worst police brutality I’ve seen is from democrat cities, like Seattle, Minneapolis, LA, etc. Vote for whoever really has the right values.)
(5) When you get money, donate to local political campaigns you agree with, and especially for who leads the police. Also donate to charities which puts money in the hands of people who need it, like the various bail charities trying to get protesters out of jail (11,000 arrested as of last night).
(6) Be ready and willing to physically protect people from police and military at this point. We’re looking at the possibility that the govt starts shooting our ppl. They’ve already labeled antifa (even though it is not a real organization) as a terrorist group, and multiple congresspeople have called for “hunting them down in the streets” (Matt Gaetz). Even though the FBI released a report saying that antifa has nothing to do with protests or violence at the riots. Crazy. Really is to the point where we might have to fight back. Just be ready to hide people in your house like Jews (some guy in Boston (?) had to hide a hundred protesters yesterday to save them from cops).

So I think that’s all you can really do. It’s a lot. But the times demand it. And, in reality, this has always been our duty, but we’ve neglected it, and put our own comfort above even these basic things.

Below is a link to a document collecting together as many primary sources on these protests as possible:

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