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  1. A Warning to Oklahoma Teachers Regarding the Oklahoma Teacher Walkouts (03/18)
  2. American Ambition: Occupation and Confusion Over Intrinsic Goods (03/18)
  3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Consolation, and Meta-Ethics (02/18)
  4. Philosophy as Undermining a Beautiful Life(02/18)
  5. Quick Personal Reflection on (My Struggles With) Orthodox Belief (01/18)
  6. You Hate Luke in “The Last Jedi” Because you Possess Bad Character (Probably) (12/17)
  7. Higher Expectations for Social Discourse(08/17)
  1. Thoughts on Principles for Dividing the Academic Disciplines (06/17)
  2. Over-Consumption and a Simple Life (06/17)
  3. Quick Rant: Christian Issues Media and Simplistic Answers to Simplistic Questions (06/17)
  4. Something Evil Underlying/Why I’m Not Trustin’ A Soul (02/17)
  5. Ghost Town Update: Sacred Heart and Fallis, OK (01/17)
  6. A Reflection: Marcus Borg on Metaphor in the New Testament (11/16)
  7. A Quick Rant Regarding Trump’s Victory (11/16)

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