Athanasius and the Resurrection of Non-Human Creatures

Recently, Pan-Orthodox Concern for Animals put up a short article of mine arguing for the bodily resurrection of non-human creatures. You can find the article here or here. Pan-Orthodox Concern for Animals is an Eastern Orthodox charity, headed by Met. Kallistos Ware, Dr. Christina Nellist, Fr. Simon Peter Nellist, Bishop Isaias of Tamasou & Orinis,... Continue Reading →

A New Way of Seeing (Pt. 5): Christianity in America

Christianity in American has been co-opted by the rich, powerful and unlearned. Not totally, but enough to form an unnatural and unnecessary barrier between the average American Christian and God. Unnatural and unnecessary in its avoidability even among broken and evil people. This co-opting could only have taken place given a tearing of congregants from... Continue Reading →

7 Years of School is Over

Roughly seven years ago I started studying philosophy. Tomorrow is my last day as an undergraduate student in philosophy.  I woke up this morning with the thought that “I am ready to recognize that the Orthodox Church is where I belong.” I am not sure what to make of this--I fear my eagerness is making... Continue Reading →

Charity, Straw-men and Race

I only came to accept that I was racist after being prompted by a disturbing thought: I had no compelling reason, other than social pressure, to consider other races as intellectually equal. Perhaps there really were racial differences! This slave-era thought horrified me when I located it within. It could quickly be used to justify... Continue Reading →

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