Christianity, Epistemic Access and Serious Religious Inquiry

Here’s the deal: we find ourselves in a culture heavily influenced by Christianity, but most of us don’t know what Christianity is, and are completely isolated from the Christian traditions of the last two thousand years. Those who grew up in supposedly “Christian” environments and institutions are often the most confused, and nothing in their... Continue Reading →

The Moral Duty of the Christian to Engage with Social Issues

If someone says to you that social issues are not relevant to the Christian, that as Christians we should tend to "us and ours," or (even more narrowly) our own family, that we should focus on our own sin to the exclusion of the sins of others, or that we should retreat into a private... Continue Reading →

7 Years of School is Over

Roughly seven years ago I started studying philosophy. Tomorrow is my last day as an undergraduate student in philosophy.  I woke up this morning with the thought that “I am ready to recognize that the Orthodox Church is where I belong.” I am not sure what to make of this--I fear my eagerness is making... Continue Reading →

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