Mourn and be Angry, but at the Right People

As OSU mourns the four dead in the Oct 26th 2015 homecoming parade crash, we should mourn as well. We should also mourn for the three, maybe four, dead by suicide at OSU. We should mourn for the 1,000 dead every day. We should mourn the fact that the young woman who hit these people... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Oklahoma State University Admin (COVID-19 Petition)

Update 11.7.2020, 1:00am As I've already told many of my students, I met with OSU administration a few days ago, and it went very well. I won't go into specific details (it was a private meeting, after all), but the Provost (Dr Gary Sandefur), Chair of Faculty Council (Dr Gina Peek), and VP of Student... Continue Reading →

7 Years of School is Over

Roughly seven years ago I started studying philosophy. Tomorrow is my last day as an undergraduate student in philosophy.  I woke up this morning with the thought that “I am ready to recognize that the Orthodox Church is where I belong.” I am not sure what to make of this--I fear my eagerness is making... Continue Reading →

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