A New Way of Seeing (Pt. 1): Why Seek a New Moral Paradigm?

In this lecture, I try to explain, not necessarily argue, that we badly need to find what I call a 'moral paradigm.' I am not a scholar of comparative religions, and so my hunches about the unified foundations of many religions should be taken as just that: hunches. I pull heavily from pop-culture to illustrate... Continue Reading →

What is Expected of You? (The Bare Minimum Response to 2020’s Civil Unrest)

Someone asked me how they can have "a mindset of change." They wanted to know what I was expecting of them; how they could be less apathetic, given that they feel so hopeless about being able to get results or change anything. Here was my response: We shouldn't only focus on getting results, or the... Continue Reading →

7 Years of School is Over

Roughly seven years ago I started studying philosophy. Tomorrow is my last day as an undergraduate student in philosophy.  I woke up this morning with the thought that “I am ready to recognize that the Orthodox Church is where I belong.” I am not sure what to make of this--I fear my eagerness is making... Continue Reading →

Charity, Straw-men and Race

I only came to accept that I was racist after being prompted by a disturbing thought: I had no compelling reason, other than social pressure, to consider other races as intellectually equal. Perhaps there really were racial differences! This slave-era thought horrified me when I located it within. It could quickly be used to justify... Continue Reading →

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