What is Expected of You? (The Bare Minimum Response to 2020’s Civil Unrest)

Someone asked me how they can have "a mindset of change." They wanted to know what I was expecting of them; how they could be less apathetic, given that they feel so hopeless about being able to get results or change anything. Here was my response: We shouldn't only focus on getting results, or the... Continue Reading →

Protests, Riots and Shifting the Blame

UPDATE: I have recorded a video going further into this. Link below.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjpeqRN3W28Original Post:Violence begets violence. Even justified and obligatory violence is an evil. Evil begets evil. You are seeing this. But are all evils the same? Do all perpetrators share the same guilt? No. And sometimes it is evil to punish or even focus on... Continue Reading →

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