What is Expected of You? (The Bare Minimum Response to 2020’s Civil Unrest)

Someone asked me how they can have "a mindset of change." They wanted to know what I was expecting of them; how they could be less apathetic, given that they feel so hopeless about being able to get results or change anything. Here was my response: We shouldn't only focus on getting results, or the... Continue Reading →

Informal Rant: Higher Expectations for Social Discourse

Update (Aug. 14, 2017): Jordan Peterson released a video, and its a strange coincidence. Here's an illustration on the sort of thing Journalists are doing by placing political labels on people without backing it up. The danger is that the news-skimming populace will take what they read for granted.  I'm incredibly angry that the public... Continue Reading →

A Quick Rant Regarding Trump’s Victory

RE: Donald Trump's Nomination There's a tendency to think this event is some great regress in moral progress, and some new phase of American political or wider culture. It seems to me, however, that this is untrue, and that the widespread belief that this election is significantly regressive is a sign of widespread ignorance, particularly, of... Continue Reading →

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